Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Album announcement: Voices from the Lake

We are very proud to annouce our second album on Prologue which comes from Voices from the Lake.

Press Release !
Music can be far removed from reality, a distant memory, in the greatest sense of that removal. When you're listening to music and suddenly you find your mind and body released, so you dive very deep into the sounds and abandon your everyday thoughts and cares, that's enough to make you realise you have an extraordinary piece of music in your hands.

With the upcoming album from Voices from the Lake (aka Donato Dozzy and Neel) this is the feeling to be realised from this engaging piece of music. The two artists have a fantastic feeling for deep and sensuous rhythms, something they have explored so thoroughly with this ambient techno project that they have quite exceeded expectations.

Voices from the Lake was first performed at the reknowned Labyrinth festival in Japan this year and is now presented in the album format. The complete album shows how emotional and multi-dimensional electronic music can be on Nova days. It’s more than just a strong statement from two accomplished artists, it’s an emotional journey designed for you to lose your grip with reality in a most positive way.

01. Iyo 02. Vega03. Manuvex 04. Circe 05. S.T. – VFTL Rework- 06. Meikyu 07. In Giova 08. Twins in virgo 09. Twins in virgo - Reprise10. Mika 11. HGS

Format: CD
Artwork by Koto Hirai

Releasedate: 20.02.2012
Distribution worldwide: Word and Sound

Promotion and Press Contact:
Tailored Communication - Melissa Taylor


  1. Excellent, what a fantastic way to start the new year (and my birthday !). Two exceptional artists, so this can only be one thing - AMAZING.

  2. Format: CD
    Artwork by Koto Hirai
    Releasedate: 31.01.2011

    maybe you meant 31.01.2012