Saturday, January 8, 2011

PRG017 Mike Parker - Subterranean Liquid EP + Donato Dozzy Remix

Welcome in the next decade !! and welcome Mike !!!

We are very proud to present Mike´s first EP on Prologue and he comes with 2 awesome killers on WAX, exactly this kind of Techno we love so much. On top we have a very special and unique Donato Dozzy Remix which completes this EP as remarkable and grandiose ! Fantastic !

Releasedate is 27th. January 2011 on Vinyl

The firstback is just arrived and makes us very happy !!!

  • First techno bomb EP of 2011. Totally essential. (mnmlssg)
  • Absolutely brilliant. Mike is genious. Will play this one a lot. (Samuli Kemppi)
  • Wow! What a EP. I played this tracks already many times & I can say: 111 Points from 111! This EP will be one of my Top 10 in 2011, because I am in love with all these tracks: Huge respect to Mike Parkers creations & Donato Dozzys remix! (Cio D´Or)
  • Ho-lee crap!!!! AMAZING!! Parker never, ever fails, and I know he and Dozzy work wonderfully together, but my lord...this is out of this world! (Eric Cloutier - Bunker NY)
  • colder than ice (Terence Fixmer)
  • Dozzy's rework is the highlight (Lucy)
Thnaks to all for the support !

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